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WeBreathe Collective

Why Join the Collective?

COMMUNITY: Join a supportive network of dedicated individuals who share a passion for our Center and our Community.

MISSION DRIVEN: Be part of a collective that is actively working towards creating positive change in the world.

LIMITED SPACE: Our community is carefully curated, and membership is limited to those who truly resonate with our values and mission.

Benefits of Investing in the Collective

LEADERSHIP IMPACT: Your investment is a direct contribution to our collective mission. It empowers you to take a leadership role in driving positive change within the community and beyond.

STRATEGIC NETWORKING: Gain access to a carefully curated network of thought leaders, industry experts, and influencers. The connections you make within the Collective will open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities.

BEST-IN-CLASS RESOURCES: You’ll receive access to cutting-edge wellness resources, research, and tools. Stay ahead of the curve and leverage this knowledge to enhance your personal and professional life.

BRAND VISIBILITY: Showcase your commitment to wellness and community by aligning your offerings with WeBreathe. Enjoy visibility through our events, publications, and marketing channels, amplifying your positive impact and enhancing your brand reputation.

IMPACTFUL INITIATIVES:  Your investment directly fuels the impactful initiatives we undertake as a collective. From community outreach programs to innovative wellness projects, you become an integral part of the positive change we’re making in the lives of individuals and communities.

WeConnect Membership

Seeking Connection & Community?

OPEN TO ALL: This inclusive membership option is open to all people, gender identities, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

FIND YOUR TRIBE: This Membership is designed for individuals who are craving connection and community with like-hearted people and for some who may want to promote their business along the way.

SAFE & SUPPORTIVE: Whether you are a business professional, work-from-home parent, or someone going through a life’s transition, we provide a safe, supportive and stunning venue complete with Co-Working Space, a full-service SPA, Zen Café, Lending Library, and Gift Shop.

SO MUCH TO OFFER: Our community has so much to offer in the way of serene physical gathering space, social mixers and events, networking groups, educational workshops, yoga and mindfulness classes, and everything you need to feel supported on your health and well-being journey.

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