"Welcome to WeBreathe Wellness Center – Where Everyone Feels a Sense of Belonging. Let's Breathe Together, Grow Together, and Heal Together."


Founder, Author, Speaker, Coach, Holistic Healer & Builder of Heart-Centered Communities & Safe, Supportive Spaces

Let's Embrace Wellness & Unity!

At WeBreathe Wellness Center, we’re proud to be a haven of inclusivity, where everyone is valued, accepted, and celebrated for who they are.

In our sacred space, identity knows no bounds, and cultural, socio-economic backgrounds are threads that weave the beautiful tapestry of our community. Regardless of how you identify, where you come from, or your journey in life, you are warmly welcomed into our sanctuary of growth and healing.
Why WeBreathe?

Inclusivity: We honor and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Your unique identity is not just accepted but cherished.

Connection: Our community is a collective of shared perspectives, experiences and open hearts. Find solace, support, and genuine connections as you navigate your wellness journey.

Networking: Cultivate organic business growth by prioritizing personal connections, allowing natural pathways to unfold as they are designed for you.
Healing for All: Whether you seek physical, mental, or spiritual healing, our doors are open wide. We believe in holistic well-being for every individual.
Community Spirit: Join a thriving community that transcends boundaries. We believe in the power of collective energy to inspire, uplift, and heal.
Our Promise:
We pledge to foster an environment where growth and healing know no barriers. Our educational classes/workshops, social events, and networking meetups are crafted with diversity in mind, creating a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.
How Can You Join?
Visit us, connect with our community, and embark on a journey of wellness and community that respects and embraces your individuality. Share your stories, learn from others, and deepen your understanding of what it means to belong to something greater than yourself.

Our Mission

At WeBreathe Wellness, we believe in the power of creating a welcoming space where individuals of all identities can retreat, renew, learn, grow, connect, and evolve. Our mission is to cultivate a supportive environment where self-growth and healing occur organically, exposing you to new ideas and supporting your personal and professional transformation. Through the integration of positive psychology techniques, energy work, and holistic approaches, we aim to facilitate mindset shifts that elevate your life. We are committed to fostering a community where people of diverse genders, ages, and cultural backgrounds come together with a shared goal of raising the collective vibration of the world.

Our Mission is Simple:


In the power of an inclusive container for he/she/they/them/us/we to retreat, renew, learn, grow, connect, and evolve.



A supportive, nurturing container for self-growth and healing to occur organically.



You with new ideas and support your personal and professional transformation.



Your mind, body, and soul with high vibrational energy and a wide range of holistic healing approaches to improve wellbeing.



Community where people of all genders, ages, and cultural backgrounds with a shared intention to help raise the collective consciousness

What gave you the courage to take this leap?

A very dear friend had been diagnosed with Stage IV Non-smoker lung cancer 10 months earlier which devastated all of us who loved her. In the months that followed her diagnosis, she and I had many conversations about living life to the fullest and those discussions were a wake up call to follow my passion, stop making excuses, and start living in better alignment with my true calling.

How did you come up with the name?

I discovered yoga, mindful meditation, and a variety of other alternative health therapies in my late 40s and came to understand that I could use my breath to center myself, find an inner calm, and tackle just about any curve ball that came my way. Our breath is our life-force energy and we always have access to it to settle our central nervous system.

What inspired you?

The world needs more love, compassion and acceptance. WeBreathe Wellness is my way of providing a safe, supportive container for all to come and experience community, growth, and healing.  I want to be part of a movement to raise the collective consciousness and help heal the human heart, one soul at at time.

Tell us about the studio space?

With a great deal of vision and love, we’ve created a serene setting at the mindfuly designed WeBreathe Wellness center where people can come to gather, learn, receive educational offerings, practice yoga and meditation, express themselves creatively, learn small business and marketing skills, receive coaching support, and connect with others who truly have their best interest at heart.

That to me is the best form of success that could come out of this initiative. People supporting other one another in an organic, loving way, because they want to help one another rise – higher, higher, higher. It’s truly the most rewarding thing I have ever done (next to being a Mom to my daughter).

We offer a line-up of really amazing offerings each season consisting of classes and workshops to provide members and their guests with the opportunity to breathe in balance, be inspired, and feel supported.

What Our Community Is Saying

This is such a beautiful space! They hosted the most amazing event for my staff retreat and they truely went above and beyond! Highly recommend!!

- Adrienne N.

I hosted a work event here in July for a group of over 40 individuals and had an amazing experience. The venue was beautiful, and Jenn and her husband were amazing to work with. They ensured that everything was perfect and that everyone in attendance was comfortable and taken care of. We preordered smoothies that Jenn and her team made and they were delicious and awaited our guests upon their arrival. We added in the Sound Bathe with Jenn to go along with our day of connection and it was absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend hosting your next retreat, team meeting, or party here!

- Kara W.

I was looking for a venue to Co-Host a 1/2-day wellness retreat and stumbled upon the We Breathe Wellness Studio. I fell in love with the space and the people involved.

It is such a beautiful place to connect, feel empowered, and be surrounded by people who want to support you in this journey called life.

If you are looking for a beautiful space to host your next function look no further! I also highly recommend checking out the Collaborative Membership as well – you won’t be sorry!

- Korrey D.

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