Our Mission

Our Mission is three-fold:

Offer a warm, inviting space where everyone can come to practice self-care, make meaningful connections with other like minded and like hearted people, find balance, be inspired and feel supported.

Promote the practice of self-care and teach our guests to love and honor themselves and others.

Establish a collaborative of professionals in the fields of health and business, mindfulness, education, and the arts, and connect them with the community of women who can benefit from their gifts.

This is a true labor of love –

a heartfelt project designed to give back to the community.

We offer a line-up of really amazing offerings each season consisting of classes and workshops to provide members and their guests with the opportunity to breathe in balance, be inspired, and feel supported.

What makes me most proud is to witness the magic happening every day as the people who come here make true meaningful connections with one another and lift each other up in an authentic way. That to me is the best form of success that could come out of this initiative. People supporting other one another in an organic, loving way, because they want to help one another rise – higher, higher, higher. It’s truly the most rewarding thing I have ever done (next to being a Mom to my daughter).