Our art on display for the month of August is the photography of Frannie Downey, local artist and award winning photographer from Canton, Ma. She received her first Nikon camera as a birthday gift 20 years ago, and hasn’t stopped taking photographs since she ripped the wrapping paper off of that box.

She is able to capture the beauty in everyday life, while allowing her photos to speak for themselves with purity, love and the music in her heart. She sees art in every shape and color in her surroundings.

What I like about Fran is that she doesn’t manipulate her photos much. She’s willing to do some editing, but they are either the right shots for her or they are not. There is an instinct and a bravery in making these choices, and I admire that.

She’s an explorer, seeking out moments of beauty and joy that she captures spontaneously, and is then willing to share with us. Her pictures are pleasing to the eye and warming to the spirit. They are laced with travel, and represent being in the right place at the right time.

She has taken photos as far away as San Francisco, Aruba, and Italy, and from local areas such as Canton, Nahant and Duxbury.

Not only is she an intuitive photographer, Fran Downey is also the lead singer for The Coinz, a local cover band.

Please join us this Thursday, August 10 at the SheBreathes Balance and Wellness Studio from 6:30 to 8:00pm, to take in the love, joy and happiness Fran finds through her camera lens.