The world is in a serious fight or flight mode as we experience the unfolding of this pandemic spread of the coronavirus. Panic ensues as we sit in our living rooms surrounded by what little hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes we could collect before they vanished. Eyes glued to CNN, waiting for our government leaders to make the next move. It’s like an intense game of chess. Sadly, we  know how completely unprepared  our healthcare system is for what is to come.

With each passing hour, things seem to be changing as more states go on lock down mandating people who are not “essential” to stay at home. Our heads are pounding with concerns about not having enough food or toilet paper. We race to the stores to find the shelves empty of even the basics which only heightens our anxiety of not being able to provide for our loved ones. Thoughts of scarcity quickly hijack our minds where thoughts of positivity and abundance should be living.

We talk quietly with our partner so our children don’t hear us … 

What if we can’t get the medical care we need if any of us get sick?

How will we pay our mortgage and keep up with the bills?  So many of us have had to close our businesses cutting off our only source of income for our families.

FEAR is seeping in…even those who practice positive psychology and mindfulness are on the breaking point.

I have been staying calm in the chaos for weeks. It wasn’t until yesterday, that I began to fall victim to  anxiety and the feeling of my chest beginning to tighten up. As I sat down to face my own emotions, I stopped and reminded myself to take a gentle pause, to breathe, to notice and to reflect on what I was feeling in that very moment.

I began to ask myself…

How can I be fully present and stay completely awake during this time?

How can I use positive mindset to reframe my negative thoughts and emotions?

Why did this Virus decide to appear now and what is it here to teach us?

So many of us who are empaths, light workers and intuitive healers have been feeling this life-changing energy shift coming for some time. And, I can say with a great deal of certainty, that I believe that this Virus is here for a reason. 

As a society, we have been suffering for far too long. We race around in our “busy” lives trying to do more, be more, earn more, always focusing on what we don’t have, rather than being grateful for what we do.

Perhaps the Virus is here as a much needed wake-up call?

To make us slow down and shake us to our core.

To show us that our current way of living and being is really what is making us all so sick.

Perhaps the Virus is here because it’s time to change the conversation?

To force us to stop, notice and reflect on what is truly important. To make more meaningful connections with one another.

To remind us how to be fully present and really listen.

Perhaps the Virus is here to reveal a better way to coexist with one another?

To force us to blow up old, ugly patterns of hate, bigotry, greed, impatience, and cruelty that have been lurking under the surface for far too long.

To urge us to replace those behavior with new ones?

To help us evolve and become a better world full of love and compassion?

I mean, how hard is it really to share the last package of toilet paper on the shelves with someone whose hands are empty? Or to call and check in on people who may be isolated and living alone? To reach out to a complete stranger with a gentle kindness and a smile?

I believe we are being asked to consider what it would be like to truly live in love and acceptance of one another.

To celebrate our individuality, our diversity, our freedoms?

To recognize the endless possibilities that exist when we choose to come together as one?

I believe in divine timing. This is about growth and expansion. I believe the Virus is offering us an opportunity. Perhaps it is here to help inspire us to find a new heart-centered way of being.

The world needs healing, The time is now. 

We are being called to rise up together and embrace one another with our collective wisdom, grace and compassion.  

As we welcome our new reality, this rebirth, I encourage you to find beauty in the pause.

Breathe, Rest, Read, Reflect, Play, Meditate, Connect and Re-Imagine what we want our world to be and be deeply grateful for the opportunity we’re being given to redesign it.

I believe, that together, we can find our way forward.

Jenn Gulbrand is a Woman’s Empowerment Ambassador, Wellnesspreneur, Intuitive Biz & Mindset Coach & Healer. She empowers women, in life’s transitions, to connect with their soul purpose and manifest freedom, flow and transformation to elevate in their personal and professional lives. She believes there are BIG universal energy shifts occurring and that women are being called to step up and serve the world through heart-centered businesses. Three years ago, she created SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio, and Empowerment, Education and Advocacy initiative – dedicated to the renewal of women in body, mind and spirit. As the Director of SheBreathes, she holds  space for women on the rise to practice self-care, engage in enriching educational programs, experience community, and be fully supported in their growth and healing. Jenn recently left the company she founded 21 years ago to put 100% of her energy into her light work. She is deeply humbled and honored to serve others and embrace positive change in the world.