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Can I find you on Social Media?

Twitter      @shebreathes85
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What is SheBreathes Balance and Wellness all about?
SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio is a women’s empowerment, education and advocacy initiative dedicated to the complete renewal of women in body, mind and soul.
What is the SheBreathes Balance mission?
We promote the practice of self-care and teach women to love and honor themselves and one another.

We offer a warm, inviting SheSpace where women can gather together to find balance, inspiration, and strength.

We have established a collaborative of professionals in the fields of health & wellness, mindfulness, education and the arts in an effort to connect them with the community who can benefit from their gifts.

How do I see what you have to offer?
Click on SCHEDULE CLASSES & EVENTS to see an overview of all of our offerings.
Do I need to be a member to come to classes and offerings at the studio?
No, anyone is welcome to access all of our offerings. There is a definite benefit to memberships all offerings are discounted to members as well as complimentary access to the SheSpace/ZenBar 2-3 days a week.
How can I sign up for classes?
That’s easy! Click on SCHEDULE CLASSES & EVENTS.
Can I bring my children to the SheSpace/Zen Bar?
The SheSpace/ZenBar on Mondays & Fridays from 10am-2pm is designed as a quiet retreat for adult members and their guests, to come to find time and space to write, journal, meditate, or just be still.
Can men attend classes/workshops and become members?
Yes, we invite both men and women to enjoy the benefits of our studio. Just because we have “she” in our name doesn’t mean we exclude men from our studio offerings. We plan to have some co-ed events down the road to teach men the important role they play in helping the women they love be more balanced.
What if I need to cancel a class I signed up for?
You can cancel up to 24 hours before a registered class for a refund.
How do I become a member of SheBreathes?
Click the ABOUT tab, drop down to MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. Or if you prefer, you can stop by the studio and we’ll get you signed up.
Can I pay dues monthly?

Yes, you can choose to pay monthly with a one-year contract commitment on the website.

Still have questions?
Send us a note.

For any other questions send us an email at or call us at 508-343-7211.