Game Changer Interview: Claudia Moriel

Game Changer Interview: Claudia Moriel

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How Does Your Work Enable You to Connect to and Fulfill Your Life Purpose/Passion?

I am a warrior of transformation. If there is a workshop on a modality I have probably done it. I’m always looking for a way to access any corner of transformation I can in my life. I’m also passionate and committed to bringing innovative ways and technologies to the people I work with. It was feeling connected to the people I worked on in the cosmetics field that made me want to delve deeper into the spiritual world.

Who Is Your Ideal Client and Why?

My ideal client is someone who is committed and excited about working on their life. I love working with entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and make a difference in people’s lives. I am incredibly motivated so I enjoy working with like minded people who are looking for a way to succeed but are just feeling a little stuck and need some support.

What Unique Offerings Do You Provide?

I am a master at creating virtual vision boards. I’ve taken the heaviness out of the process and actually make it fun! I thoroughly enjoy neural science and how to optimize our brain function and connect it to our heart. Combine that with the innovative Lucia Light and this device takes all I do to a new level. I’m also on the cutting edge of working in Reality Transurfing to the approach I take and working towards become a Reality Transurfing Coach.

Who Was Your Role Model Growing Up? How Did That Person’s Actions Impact You?

My role model growing up was my Grandmother. She immigrated from Mexico and I always found her to be so brave and steady. She knew nothing about this country, how to speak the language or the culture and she took the leap. I have lived in both places and I deeply appreciate the amazing opportunity I have been afforded through her efforts to help bring our family to the US.

Favorite Place to Escape and Refuel?

My absolute most amazing favorite place to escape and refuel is Lake Cocchichuate in Natick MA. I first tried Paddle Boarding after getting divorced. It was a place I could clear my head and bask in the sunshine even when my heart felt like the day was gray. I’ve been there during rain storms and when they clear the biggest rainbows appear such a metaphors for life. I’ve been there for the most amazing sunsets and sunrises. No matter what is going on in my life the lake can wash it away!

Top 3 Ways to Treat Yourself to Self-Care?

1. Float Tank!!
2. Accupuncture
3. Pedicure

How Do You Express Yourself Creatively?

There are so many different ways I express myself creatively! I feel aroma is a huge way. It helps me connect to emotions and stimulates the way I see my world. Music and dance, decorating and absorbing colors through nature. The world to me is one big creative inspiration.

Last Memorable Book You Read and Why?

The Cosmic Serpent, after having participated in plant medicine ceremonies I read this book. It helped ground in me the amazing luck we have to experience these medicines in the US now. It also helped me understand love and appreciate the indigenous people who cultivate the plants. I am dedicated to supporting these people who support the plants who support us.

Favorite Movie and Why?

It’s an 80’s movie called Some Kind of Wonderful. I love this movie because it teaches you to be who your are and that you don’t have to change yourself to be loved. I also got to work with one of the actresses in the movie and it was an all time career high for me.

“Go to” Quote or Mantra that Grounds You?

My world is taking care of me. Everything is going according to plan. Things are working out for me and will continue to do so with ease!

Accomplishment Are You Most Proud of?

Joining the Local 798 Union for Makeup Artists. This was a huge journey for me. I applied a few times and it took me 10 years to accomplish this goal. Which is not an easy feat !!

Best Lesson Learned in Life So Far?

Life shows up when you give it space to, life pulls away when you try to control it.

Advice to Younger Self?

Learn to meditate sooner ! It’s the best medicine you’ll ever find.

What Do You Love Best About Yourself (physical trait or personality characteristic) and Why?

How incredibly curious I am and disciplined as well!

Any Advice for Women Considering Joining the SheBreathes Collaborative?

Life shows up inside of community and sharing. When we support each other we all rise. There is also so much incredíble talent here you won’t want to miss what all these women have to offer. This is a beacon of wisdom and healing.

Any Message You Have for Our Community?

I remember a good friend of mine who was a successful Olympic athlete. He told me that his success was not accomplished on his own. He gained his success by slowing himself to be coached and supported. Let’s all be that support for each other.

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