SheBreathes Soul Ambassadors

Meet the SheBreathes Soul Ambassadors

These amazing women are leaders in their respective fields and were selected to be a part of this important endeavor because they genuinely believe in our mission focused on women supporting other women. We work together to ensure that our offerings at the studio meet the needs of our community.
Jennifer Gulbrand

Visionista,  Wellness Warrior, Women’s Empowerment Ambassador, Intuitive Business Strategist & Mindset Coach, Yogi & Energy Healer.

 I’m a Mom on a mission to create a better world for our daughters – a world in which young women are taught to really see and believe in their own self worth, are treated equally, and recognized for their individual gifts and  brilliance. I’m the proud Founder of SheBreathes Balance Women’s Collaborative, WeBreathe Wellness Retreat Center & WeBrand Boutique as my contribution to the modern women’s movement. I empower women in life’s transitions on a consciousness path to connect with their soul purpose and manifest freedom, flow and transformation to elevate their lives. 

I’m honored to introduce you to the incredible Soul Sisters in my Tribe!


Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene

Pyschic Medium/Spiritual Advisor

As a Medium, I connect and communicate with loved ones who have passed to Spirit. It is my belief that we never die – we change. I believe the continuity of life survives the process of death. We are always alive, either here in human form or in Spirit. I’ve found that we are spiritual beings here having a human experience and that when we are finished, no matter how long or short the experience, we return to that which we came from – pure positive energy or Spirit. I have met many people mourning the loss of loved ones. I’ve experienced loss myself. While it is not easy adjusting to loss, I’ve found that offering connection with Spirit is soothing, healing and transformative to those missing loved ones. After all, we’ll all return to Spirit someday!

Telma Sullivan

Career Consultant

Telma Sullivan is a career coach with a comprehensive background working with young adults as both career counselor and internship coordinator, and with women transitioning back into the workforce. Telma partners with her clients with a focus on the goals and critical eye on the details. In her strategic and systematic approach, she brings her passion, honesty, creativity, kindness, and inspiration. Telma has worked in the private, non-profit and educational sectors and is Career Development Facilitator through the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and holds a Master in Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University and a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Telma was born in Argentina, lived overseas for 10 years and has visited more than 20 countries. She is bilingual English-Spanish and speaks Italian, French, and Romanian. Telma lives in Walpole with her husband and her twin daughters. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, practicing yoga and learning new things.

Beth Knaus

Writer/Art Consultant

Beth gives group art presentations for Art Matters and is a freelance writer. She’s also a licensed hairdresser and graduated from Nassau Community College with a degree in Small Business Management. Beth uses her passion for business and love of language to help others understand and appreciate art in all its forms. Beth is originally from New York, and has lived in the Boston area for 26 years. She lives in Walpole with her patient husband and awesome kids. In her spare time she eats, reads and laughs.

Linda Chiofar
Holistic Health Nurse
Linda Chiofar is a certified holistic health nurse specializing in stress management and health promotion. Linda has a passion for supporting others in meeting their fitness and wellness goals…and then surpassing them! Linda’s compassionate, and loving heart shines through in all of her interactions within the SheBreathes community. She is a gifted Tarot Card reader and soul sister who touches others in a special and meaningful way. We’re so grateful that she and her husband, both Norwood natives, chose to relocate back here after their 20+ year honeymoon in California.
Susan Finn
Digital Marketing Consultant
I consider it an honor and a privilege to represent an organization online. My priority is to respect your company’s ‘voice’ and values. My superpower is working alongside small businesses to help them strengthen their digital marketing effectiveness through a thorough investigation of all digital components of your brand, i.e. website design and search optimization, social media platforms, inbound marketing, and contact relationship management. I am that person that can help you track the results of the work that you are doing by monitoring your traffic and engagement. I love this stuff. I love to teach it. I love to do it. I love helping others love it, too. I am dedicated to keeping up on the rapidly changing world of digital marketing through webinars, online professional forums, and conferences.

Melissa Rush

Licensed Agent and Financial Professional 

As a Financial Professional and Licensed Agent with New York Life Insurance Company and mother to two young daughters, Melissa is passionate about educating, empowering and helping women, families and business owners to protect your loved ones, plan for your retirement, save for your children’s college fund and prepare for your future. Melissa has over twenty-five years of experience as a marketing professional, specializing in digital marketing, social media and branding strategy, events planning and fundraising. She founded Tech Savvy Coach, a Social Media Consulting + Digital Marketing + Podcasting agency in 2014. In 2019, Melissa launched her flagship podcast, the “Hustle & Heart Podcast with Melissa Rush,” a female-powered talk show to showcase women entrepreneurs and professionals. Melissa received her Master’s degree (M.A.) from Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology Program in Washington, DC and a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Melissa is an active volunteer in her community, loves spending time with her family and friends, taking her new goldendoodle puppy “Pepper” on hikes, practicing yoga and swimming, and singing karaoke.

Kerry O’Brien

Financial Planner/Speaker 

Kerry is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Founder of BeingFIT Financial (BFF). She is passionate about financial planning and going beyond the numbers to help people live the life they want. With BFF, Kerry is creating an opportunity for people of all stages of wealth to receive unbiased, holistic advice suited to their personality and competencies. Her mission is to help people gain and maintain optimal financial health — and to support living with overall wellness and intention. Kerry received a B.A. in Social Sciences from Providence College, with a focus in Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy. Prior to creating BFF, Kerry spent over 15 years working for large financial firms, during which time she specialized in insurance, retirement products, investments, and financial planning. Her most valuable financial experience came from her work as a Financial Planning Consultant to financial advisors across the country, serving a variety of markets and planning needs. When she is not supporting others in their financial wellness journey – you may find her spending time with her daughter, at the hockey rink, reading, lifting weights or practicing yoga.

WeBreathe Wellness - Erika MacMillanis

Erika MacMillan

Sales Leader and Children’s Book Author

Erika MacMillan is a Sales Leader in the Medical Device industry, soon-to-be children’s book author, work-life integration and wellbeing enthusiast and most importantly, a devoted wife and mama. With over 10 years in the Medical Device industry, Erika has led high-performing and competitive individuals drive tight sales processes, negotiated 9-figure contracts, and launched novel devices. As a new mom, who simultaneously experienced some downs in the roller-coaster of life, Erika embraced a new mission dedicated to whole person wellbeing. This mission has manifested into two separate passion projects: 1) her first children’s book, “Little Louise and Her Big Dreams,” an interactive story to develop a powerful and positive mindset from the earliest years 2) a program to help career-focused women not only create space for self, family, friendship and community but to level up and thrive in both work and life. Erika has begun speaking on topics including: Mindset and Resilience, Purposeful Work Life Integration, and Mindful Career Acceleration. In her spare time, there is nothing that makes Erika happier than spending time with her daughter, husband, and two pups.

Christian Robinson
Eastern Therapeutics/Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist
Christian Robinson-Cady is the creator and owner of Eastern Therapeutics, a Holistic center in Walpole, MA. She is a national board certified and licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She believes in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Her aim is to address a patient’s symptoms by tapping into their body’s own ability to heal itself. She received her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture and her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from Regis College. She has been practicing Traditional Chinese medicine for over 12 years. Prior to her training, Christian worked for ten years as a researcher in biotechnology. She helped develop novel therapeutics using gene therapy for type I diabetes and hemophilia. She also helped develop a “living skin equivalent” for use on severe burns, skin ulcers, and reconstruction. She specializes in: women’s health issues, fertility, anxiety, chronic pain and aesthetics. She’s not just the owner, she is also a client. Christian used acupuncture, Chinese herbs and hypnosis for the conception and birth of both her children.