Since October 1st, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting 8 of Martha Wakefield’s acrylics and watercolors from her Slip Series in our SheGallery at the SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio. The only reaction you can have when you walk in the room is to look at them immediately. They draw you in, not only with their vibrant colors, or need to focus your attention to grasp what you’re looking at, but with the true concept that something is being lost, drifting its way off the surface. In her artist’s statement, Martha explains that this body of work symbolizes loss of a deep love, once protective and intimate but now a memory of what existed previously. And isn’t it true, how something or someone can become such a natural part of our lies that we move through our days routinely, and if we don’t find a balance between comfortability and awareness, they can drift off, pulled back by the wind, or life, or another world.This collection of works will make you stop and take notice of their beauty, the subtle movement, and the possibility of something of value disappearing while you’re distracted by something else.Martha’s art will be adorning our gallery wall until October 31st. Come see it now, because you will want to come back and take it in again and again. Her personal statement is available to read and to further understand her motivation for this series.You can view the art during any of our scheduled events, or come during one of our open SheSpace/Zen Studio hours to sit and reflect on its beauty. All works that hang on the gallery wall are for sale.