Name of Your Business

Linda Chiofar, Health and Wellness Coach.

How Does Your Work Enable You to Connect to and Fulfill Your Life Purpose/Passion?

My life purpose is to bring healing to the world one person at a time.

Who Is Your Ideal Client and Why?

I love working with motivated women experiencing life transitions.

What Unique Offerings Do You Provide?

I am a coach and healer with 40 years experience in healthcare. I use Motivational Interviewing and positive psychology to awaken clients to their own inner strengths. I also employ several Integrative therapies including acupressure, integrative imagery and movement psychology. 

Areas of expertise: Health Promotion, Stress Management, Fitness and Wellness.

MS, Nursing. MA, Holistic Health Education.

Who Was Your Role Model Growing Up? How Did That Person’s Actions Impact You?

My grandmother. She was always kind and made everyone feel special. I strive to be just like her.

Favorite Place to Escape and Refuel?

The woods. Especially Blue Hills.

Top 3 Ways to Treat Yourself to Self-Care?

Hiking, regular massage, lots of fruits and veggies every day.

How Do You Express Yourself Creatively?

I like to journal but also enjoy collage.

Last Memorable Book You Read and Why?

I’ve read half of Becoming Michelle Obama. I love her story.

Favorite Movie and Why?

Forest Gump. It is brilliant.

“Go to” Quote or Mantra that Grounds You?

Breathe in, breathe out.

Accomplishment Are You Most Proud of?

 Being a nurse.

Best Lesson Learned in Life So Far?

Everything can be fixed.

Advice to Younger Self?

Be gentle.

What Do You Love Best About Yourself (physical trait or personality characteristic) and Why?

That I can find the joy in just about anything.

Any Advice for Women Considering Joining the SheBreathes Collaborative?

It will be the best decision you ever made. I have met SO many amazing women!

Any Message You Have for Our Community?


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