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Name of Your Business

The Spiritual Path with Lauren Bortolami Robbins

How Does Your Work Enable You to Connect to and Fulfill Your Life Purpose/Passion?

Absolutely, yes as a Psychic and a Medium.

Who Is Your Ideal Client and Why?

Those who truly want to gain insight into their life or connect to those on the other side.

What Unique Offerings Do You Provide?

Office and phone psychic and medium sessions, healing sessions, and spiritual teaching work.

Who Was Your Role Model Growing Up? How Did That Person’s Actions Impact You?

My mother – She told me to put myself into my business when I was going through a tremendous loss.

Favorite Place to Escape and Refuel?

The ocean – anywhere.

Top 3 Ways to Treat Yourself to Self-Care?

1. Rest
2. Write
3. Meditate

How Do You Express Yourself Creatively?

By my writing and teaching work.

Last Memorable Book You Read and Why?

Undoctored – Because I’m trying to reverse my health issues.

Favorite Movie and Why?

The Notebook – I’m a hopeless romantic.

“Go to” Quote or Mantra that Grounds You?

I love myself for who I am, for all my perfections and imperfections

Accomplishment Are You Most Proud of?

Being under contract for a television show and finishing my first book that others will learn from

Best Lesson Learned in Life So Far?

Never hold yourself back from who you are.

Advice to Younger Self?

Love yourself first before others can love you.

What Do You Love Best About Yourself (physical trait or personality characteristic) and Why?

My compassion, honesty, and integrity.

Any Advice for Women Considering Joining the SheBreathes Collaborative?

The best thing you ever did if you try it.

Any Message You Have for Our Community?

Thank you for being you and showing me what a community can be with like-minded businesses.

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