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Jenn specializes in empowering women in life’s transition to connect to their soul purpose and find the freedom, flow and transformation they desire in their personal and professional lives.  She wholeheartedly believes that there are universal shifts occurring and that women are being called to step up and serve the world through heart centered initiatives.

Hire Jenn to speak at your event or host an Empowered to Elevate Workshop for Women on the Rise. Jenn passionately delivers her message on the importance of women tapping into their divine feminine wisdom to find their intended path and elevate their lives.

Jenn can speak on a wide range of topics such as: 
Courage Over Comfort,  Finding Your Tribe, Divine Feminine Energy, Self-Care, Mindset & Positivity, Lessons from a Corporate DropOut, and just about anything relating to Women & Entrepreneurship.


I am moving with grace and strength. My life path is supported and the whole Universe has my back. I am no longer afraid. I am here for a reason and I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.

Find support and success
in a Mastermind Group
Designed to elevate women

Every day you make decisions in your business, your brand and your life. What if you had the support of a group of women like you to help make those decisions easier?

Join one of our in person 8 week SheSoars Mastermind Circles and enjoy your journey to ease and alignment.

SheSoars Mastermind Circles


Meetings are facilitated LIVE at the WeBreathe Wellness Retreat Center to maximize effectiveness and value to each participating member. Conversations stay on topic and of high value and everyone has a chance to speak and listen. Hosted once a week for two hours; zoom access is optional. Exclusive and confidential – everyone signs a blanket NDA.


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