“If you want to be a Queen, you have got to learn how to bow to other Queens.” -Guru Jagat

I absolutely love this quote by Guru Jagat, and I’ve been reflecting on it all week. It’s basically saying if you want to be recognized and celebrated, you gotta learn how to celebrate others too.

Here’s the thing: Jealousy, resentment, and attacking other women does no one any good, and quite frankly it’s super unhealthy.

If you want what someone else has, bow to her. Celebrate her. Throw her a big freakin’ cheer party. Know that her success doesn’t make you anything less, and those beautiful things are for you too.

On the other hand, I see a lot of women out there (myself included), shying away from sharing happy news or questioning whether or not they should talk about their successes in fear or hurting someone else’s feelings.

No, no, no!

Ladies, there is no need to dim your light to make others feel better. That’s doing a disservice to you and all your other sisters.

Instead shine your light so bright that it encourages others to shine bright too. And next time you see one of your soul sisters rocking it, celebrate her and know you too have so much to celebrate.

Get started by completing one of the action steps listed on my Spark Your Bliss affirmation card above.

Shine on, sisters!