Name of Your Business

Watson’s Candies.

How Does Your Work Enable You to Connect to and Fulfill Your Life Purpose/Passion?

The work that I do at Watson’s Candies is multidimensional. What that means is that I market, I sell, I support, I create, and I even get to cook the chocolate sometimes! I feel very lucky to work with such wonderful people and that makes the job so much more enjoyable. When I was 8 years old I had a teacher ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up. My answer was that I wanted to say “Hello” to everyone in the world. Even though that goal may seem unattainable, working at Watson’s has helped me put quite the dent in that dream. We ship anywhere in the world, and I have met some amazing people near & far since I’ve been here!

Who Is Your Ideal Client and Why?

Who isn’t? We sell candy! Need a gift basket for a birthday, a wedding, or for someone suffering a loss? Have a friend or family member who enjoys homemade fudge, chocolates or world famous buttercrunch? Do you enjoy ice cream? Hard packed or soft serve? We have forty-eight flavors to choose from during the summer months. If you said yes to any of the above, YOU, are an ideal client. Come and see / taste for yourself!

What Unique Offerings Do You Provide?

Custom gifts for all occasions!

Who Was Your Role Model Growing Up? How Did That Person’s Actions Impact You?

I am very lucky to be surrounded by some pretty strong women who I consider role models. Many of whom have pushed me to make sure that I utilize my creative side to make a living. The best part about this job, is that the very woman I call “boss” has been one of those role models since I was 14. Virginia hired me in 2004 & gave me my first job. I owe a lot of my work ethic and dedication to my work to her. Who knew that at 14 I was already at the job that I would eventually make a career? I sure didn’t! But I am really happy that it worked out that way. Working by her side is so rewarding. She’s not just my boss, she’s my mentor & friend. .

Favorite Place to Escape and Refuel?

Even in the cold NE weather, when I really need to escape and refuel, I like to go to Gunrock Beach in Hull, MA. My family grew up going to this beach and there isn’t anything that balances me out more than a nice walk on that beach. At my most recent walk there I was reflecting on how blessed I am to love what I do for work. 🙂 

Top 3 Ways to Treat Yourself to Self-Care?

1. My WeBreathe Wellness and SheBreathes membership, of course!
2. I try to pull oracle cards for myself every day. They support me and uplift me.
3. I really enjoy crafting. So whether I am at work making personalized gifts for the shop, or at home making gifts for my family & friends, it’s something I always consider self care.

And of course… chocolate!

How Do You Express Yourself Creatively?

One of my favorite ways to express myself has always been through journaling/writing. I am so grateful for the writing classes offered with Beth Knaus, a founding member. I plan to make more time for that when the holidays wind down a bit at the shop. For now, I get to express myself through making candy!

Last Memorable Book You Read and Why?

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera. The premise of the book is that you get a call the day you are going to die. You don’t know how or the exact time, but you are instructed to live your last moments to the fullest. The entire story was a nice reminder that life is short, and we have to make the most of every moment.

Favorite Movie and Why?

I don’t know to pick just one! One of my top favorites has to be Shawshank Redemption. There is something so moving about a the story of someone who was misunderstood and no matter how hard people tried to hold him back, he still ended up exactly where he wanted to be.

“Go to” Quote or Mantra that Grounds You?

Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always to your best. – The Four Agreements.

Accomplishment Are You Most Proud of?

Making my way back to Watson’s! Being able to take a step back and really figure out what I wanted to do for a career wasn’t easy. But I am really happy I did.

Best Lesson Learned in Life So Far?

Always make sure to tell the people that you love, that you love them whenever you can.

Advice to Younger Self?

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

What Do You Love Best About Yourself (physical trait or personality characteristic) and Why?

My ability to be a chameleon in the work place. I love being busy and having many different jobs to tackle & I feel like I do a pretty good job doing it.

Any Advice for Women Considering Joining the SheBreathes Collaborative?

Do it! There is something for everyone here. And of course, you’ll get some candy from Watson’s every now and then!

Any Message You Have for Our Community?

I have enjoyed meeting some of you and I look forward to getting to know more of you. Part of our collaborative is about networking so, call me and I’ll put together the best gift basket you have ever seen!

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