Game Changer Interview: Mindy Ruddock

Game Changer Interview: Mindy Ruddock

Name of Your Business

The Wellness Path WWC.

How Does Your Work Enable You to Connect to and Fulfill Your Life Purpose/Passion?

I am a healer, teacher and helper. The work I do takes all of these and combines them into 1 amazing life.

Who Is Your Ideal Client and Why?

Women who have been through, or entering into burnout. I help women find the magic inside themselves.

What Unique Offerings Do You Provide?

I have a couple coaching program. I also offer crystal healing through readings, energy sessions, custom pouches and small handmade goddess or witch figurines.

Who Was Your Role Model Growing Up? How Did That Person’s Actions Impact You?

This is a hard one for me. I say my grandmother, I unfortunately lost her at a young age but my memories of her still guide me.

Favorite Place to Escape and Refuel?

Any place I can move.

Top 3 Ways to Treat Yourself to Self-Care?

1. Meditation.
2. Massage.
3. Alone in nature.

How Do You Express Yourself Creatively?

I am a maker and am always involved in some sort of project. Most everything listed in my boutique is made, or created by me.

Last Memorable Book You Read and Why?

Rise sister rise- so many amazing lessons and relatable moments.

Favorite Movie and Why?

The time travelers wife. The strength and power in this story is amazing.

“Go to” Quote or Mantra that Grounds You?

I trust myself.

Accomplishment Are You Most Proud of?

Being a mother and watching my boys turn into the amazing young men they are.

Best Lesson Learned in Life So Far?

Don’t give up.

Advice to Younger Self?

Keep going it all works out.

What Do You Love Best About Yourself (physical trait or personality characteristic) and Why?

My energy. I am an incredibly energetic person and I feel it is what truly makes me, me.

Any Advice for Women Considering Joining the SheBreathes Collaborative?

Do not hesitate. Everyone is here for different reason but strip it all away and we are here for the same thing.

Any Message You Have for Our Community?

Thank you for welcoming me in the way you all have. It means a lot to know I am not alone on this journey.

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