Vulnerability & Surrender

Vulnerability & Surrender

I can’t help but feel empathy for the year 2020 as it’s going down in history as the worst ever. Let’s be mindful that this year is not over yet. We still have three beautiful months left and we can make them count. Please exercise your privilege and VOTE for change this November.
We’ve entered into the Fall Equinox which always puts me in a reflective space. I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability and surrender lately. We live in a culture where we are taught to be strong, independent, and “in control” of our destiny. As a parent, I cringe at the number of times I’ve told my daughter how important it is to be self-sufficient and never put herself in a position where she has to rely on anyone else. This is how most of us have been raised and as Mothers we want our daughters to feel confident and strong. And, while it comes from a place of good, I wonder, is this idea that we don’t need help from anyone else actually sending the wrong message?
 In her book, Daring Greatly, brilliant Brené Brown, describes vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” It’s that unstable feeling we get when we step out of our comfort zone or do something that forces us to loosen control. She reminds us that honoring those feelings is when we find the courage to overcome our own limiting beliefs about ourselves or a situation that is blocking us from moving forward. Vulnerability is the core, the heart, and the center of all meaningful human experiences. 
So why are we teaching our children to go it alone? I’m having new conversations with my daughter about the fact that we are humans who have been divinely designed to connect with another, to love, and to give and to receive support. While our children need to learn to be independent, it’s important that they also recognize that we all need help from time to time. When we can shift the paradigm and learn to surrender, ask for and accept that help, we find our way back to a place of power and strength. 
When we let go of the crazy misconception that we are supposed to be superhuman…that’s when the magic happens. I encourage you to release and let go of the burdens that weigh so heavily on you right now and make you feel alone it in all. Take a deep breath and reach out for a helping hand from someone you trust. Then stay open to receiving their love and support with appreciation and gratitude. I’m certain you will begin to see things in an entirely new light.
High Vibe + Grateful Heart, XO, Jenn
Once in a Blue Moon Circle

Once in a Blue Moon Circle

The second moon circle for October is going to be a very special occasion because it will be not only a full moon but a blue moon. When a month has two full moons, the first is called a Harvest moon and the second is called a blue moon.   The last time there was a full blue moon on Halloween was in 1944!

Moon circles date back many centuries. And they’re still going strong. To this day, women in over one hundred countries gather each full moon to manifest transformation.

This special blue moon is also a full moon in Taurus, which will bring an abundance of transformational energy. For this moon circle, think about doing a deep clean in the areas of love, finance, and pleasure. Reflect on things that are no longer serving you in these areas, and prepare to release them. This is the time to seek grounding or closure within your personal relationships and to finalize financial loose ends. Positive transformation is the goal.

For our once-in-a-blue-moon circle, consider bringing items that represent the following elements:

  • Earth—wholeness, prosperity, plant and animal life—bring crystals, herbs, rocks, or other earthly matter.
  • Fire—courage, willpower, protection—bring anything that represents the colors of fire—orange, yellow, and red items—or something you’re passionate about or that creates a spark in you.
  • Air—communication, self-awareness, ideas—bring essential oils, feathers, bell, wand, or something else that you feel represents a new beginning.
  • Water—calming, cleansing, healing—bring a seashell, rainwater, gemstones, images, or anything representative of the ocean.

We hold a sacred ceremony and bring our light to the circle each month to represent someone or something that is important to us and for which we wish to create positive transformation.

Come join the once-in-a-blue-moon circle on Saturday, October 31 from 2-4pm.



Jenn Gulbrand is Visionista, Women’s Empowerment Advocate, Wellness Warrior, Intuitive Business & Mindset Coach and Energy Healer. She empowers women, in life’s transitions, to connect with their soul purpose and manifest freedom, flow and transformation to elevate in their personal and professional lives. She believes there are BIG universal energy shifts occurring and that women are being called to step up and serve the world through heart-centered businesses. Three years ago, she created SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio, and Empowerment, Education and Advocacy initiative – dedicated to the renewal of women in body, mind and spirit. As the Director of SheBreathes, and now the Founder of WeBreathe Wellness Retreat Center, she holds space for growth & Healing.  Jenn recently left the company she founded 21 years ago to put 100% of her energy into her light work. She is deeply humbled and honored to serve others to help raise the collective vibration.

Remote Working and You

Remote Working and You

With so many of us working remotely these days, it’s more important than ever to maintain our wellbeing. Isolation, longer-than-average work hours, and a blending of our work/life roles can throw our mental and physical wellbeing off-balance. It can be difficult to juggle work and home life when they’re both happening in the same space. Now that we can’t get away from it, it’s imperative to prioritize our wellness.

Working from home does have a lot of benefits—increased flexibility, the absence of annoying commutes, the constant kitchen availability (good and bad!) and top of the list, the wardrobe (sweatpants!)—the downside is that many people are finding their workday never really ends the way it did when they worked outside their homes. Step back and take a look at your current life situation. Are you working from home or are you living where you work?

Like me, you may start out with the best intentions on Monday, determined to make time for yoga, a facial, and maybe a social event with a friend that week, but next thing you know, it’s Friday afternoon, you’re exhausted, and all you want to do is unplug, lay on the couch, drink some wine, and binge Netflix. And that’s not a bad thing to do. That’s self-care too. But if that’s the only self-care you’re doing per week, it’s not enough!

To combat some of the pitfalls of the remote work life and keep your mental and physical wellbeing in check during these difficult days, here are five things you can do to keep YOU a priority:

  1. If you’re able to, consider leaving the house a couple of times a week and working from a collaborative co-working space like the one offered at The WeBreathe Wellness Center. There’s nothing like a change of scenery to improve your concentration, and getting out of the house forces you to shower and get dressed in actual clothes. Sometimes you need that nudge when you’re working from home.
  2. Use a planner to schedule weekly rituals to help you maintain your self-care and stick to them. Maybe it’s yoga on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, virtually or in studio. The important thing it to make sure you do it because you’re important!
  3. Use the same planner to schedule other self-care practices you want to incorporate or get back into, such as meditation, painting, massage, etc.
  4. Try adding one social event to your planner per week or every two weeks at the very least. Working from home can be isolating so getting out and around other humans regularly really helps. Whether you attend a monthly drum circle, a writing workshop, a healthy eating workshop, or a healing SPA Service, add it to your planner and stick to it!
  5. It’s always good to have a weekly YOU night. On this night, do whatever you feel like doing. Maybe it’s getting takeout and watching a movie. Maybe it’s curling up in your favorite spot and reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to. Maybe it’s a spa night—a bubble bath, face mask, a couple candles and a glass of wine. The point is, it’s your night, so you do you! And don’t stress if you can’t do it on the same night each week. Just make a point to do it once a week.

The pressures of this blended work/home life can be overwhelming, and it can feel impossible to make time for you. But there are seven days in every week. Fit YOU in there!


Sue Franco is a freelance writer and editor specializing in website content, blogs, marketing materials, and other informational content.